Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quick Halloween Post

  Yes Pinterest has touched every aspect of my life...even Halloween and I never decorate for Halloween. However, this one looked so easy so I decided to do it at the last moment. 5 MINUTES is all it took  I took wax paper and ATG'd it to the glass.  (Scrapbookers know what I mean.)  For everyone else....tape dispenser with double sided tape.  Then I took a 50 cent bottle of red acrylic paint and put some on a stryrofoam plate. I put my hands in the paint and pressed them against the paper.  I then spelled out Help Me backwards.

My husband stood on the otherside while I took the picture.

Confession time:  I originally did it because you can see right into our foyer back to the living room and I was going to be scrooge about Halloween and not hand out candy.  I figured the wax paper would prevent people from looking in, yet we would still look festive with a bit of halloween decor.  But I went to the store and bought candy and turned on the lights.  However, the little kids refuse to come to the door. And those that dare come to the door ask, with horror on their face, "Why do you have blood all over your door?"  So I have tons of candy left.

So here is the original post. Scary Door  I have to admit I did not read their instructions. I just pinned the picture from Pinterest and just figured it out.  Happy Hauntings!

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Mini Pizzas

Every once and a while I will try something new in the kitchen.  I always warn my family and my husband will make the decision on when it will happen.  If he is really hungry, he doesn't want to risk his dinner on something he won't like.  So these trial dinners are pretty on the fly.  It goes sorta like this:

Me:  "Babe, I thought I would try to make something new tonight.  What do you think?"
Babe:  "What's in it?"
Me:  "Well in it is mini pizzas. Is that okay?"
Babe: "Sure, what do you need for it?"
Me: "I already have it, cheese, spaghetti sauce, and pepperoni."
Babe:  "What is the base?  What are you putting this on?"
Me: "Biscuit dough"
Babe:  (laughing) "No, I don't want biscuit pizzas tonight. I want a real dinner."

We will have this conversation each night until he finally says yes. (Usually on days that he has had a small burger as a snack.)  But when he says yes...I am ready.  

So Monday I received my yes.  I love Google.  I knew someone had to do this before so I googled and guess what?  Apparently, Pillsbury had a recipe.  You can see it HERE.  So I grabbed my ingredients  (Pillsbury Golden layers, string cheese, Ragu Spaghetti sauce, Pepperoni slices, garlic powder and Italian Seasoning), and set out to make them.

Pardon the blurry picture.  A can of 10 biscuits should have yielded 40 pizzas.  Mine only did 22.  I couldn't quite peel each one into 4 separate layers.  Maybe next time I will try putting the can in the fridge for 5 minutes to harden the dough just a tad.  It seemed to get mushy in my warm hands.  And yes, I realize they are not round or the same size.  This is why I don't make homemade tortillas but buy the dough raw and already formed from Walmart.  

The next part was easy.  I just took a tablespoon and put sauce on each one, then put a pepperoni and then shredded the cheese sticks on top of them.  Oh, and then I sprinkled the seasonings, however, I thought I picked up the oregano but instead picked up the Celery Seed and accidentally sprinkled that on the pan on the far right.  I really don't like pepperoni on my pizzas but I do not like cheese pizza, so next time I am going to cut up some bell peppers, black olives and pineapple and add that to my pizzas.

I then placed them in the oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. And this is how they came out.

It's blurry but you get the idea. My family loved them and they will become a staple to our dinner menu.  We always have these ingredients on hand.  But it has given me some ideas for sleepovers.  Now my daughter and her friends can customize their pizzas.  Which is great because it is such a hassle to order pizza for a group of girls.  They all have different tastes.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dirty Girl does it with a Dyson

  To say I don't like cleaning is an understatement.  I don't like having wisdom teeth pulled at the dentist, realigning a broken nose with a snap,  or running out of gas on the way to work.  No, to say I don't like clean is a REAL understatement.  I despise cleaning.  The real reason I clean my kitchen before I go to bed is that waking up to the knowledge that I have to cleant the kitchen before I start my day, can keep me in bed for hours.  I am amazed out how many things I can do from my bed if I have my Ipad by my side.  Every weekend I am burdened with the fact that I have to clean the whole house and I have to do it by myself. Now before you decide to start commenting on how my family should help out.  They do.  My daughter cleans her bathroom, the kitchen and kitty litter.  My husband takes out the trash and works way too many hours. So I believe I should do the Saturday cleaning.

Well a few weeks ago, I bought my first heavy duty vacuum. I usually buy cheap ones...less than $70.00, and the most recent one finally died.  So I forked over the money for  a Dyson D39 Animal.  (Never stay too long on a shopping channel network....they make you believe you need ski boots for the beach. ) So I lingered too long on this station and before I knew it, I downloaded their app for my Iphone and bought this machine.  This thing of beauty.

Isn't she beautiful?   She is amazing!  I use to love scrapbooking as my number one hobby.  Now...I love pulling this baby behind me and sucking things up.  I have even vacuumed my ceilings. Yes, you read that right, I vacuumed my ceilings.  And it was easy with the extending arm.

I have become this person that still hates cleaning but loves to vacuum.  So today I did my blinds. Don't judge me.  We all have this one area of our lives that we neglect.  In my case, it is my blinds.  I need new ones. These came with the house...remember those commercials for Lennar homes?  "Everything included.  E..I ...E...I  OHHHH!"  Well minecame with   crappy blinds.  I could have upgraded but I said I would do it later.  Well now it is seven years later and I still haven't upgraded.

So today I looked at them and was soo excited!  They are filthy and I have a reason to keep my Dyson out just a little past her curfew.  Well here they are!  In their disgusting neglected state: (Remeber: Don't Judge!)

Aren't they disgusting?  That is seven years of filth. I admit it, they are mine and have not cleaned them.  Hello, my name is Rozette and I neglect my blinds. Well, I looked at my Dyson and said, "You can do it!"  So I took off one of her on board tools and we tackled it.  And when were done....they looked like this:

Aren't they amazing?  I took this picture  close up.  These blinds deserve a close up. I used the onboard attachment to do this.  As you can see, these are, shall we say delicate blinds? them what they they look great after D got a hold of them.  Because they are so cheap....uh, I mean delicate, I was scared that my D would be too hard on them.  Sometimes she doesn't know her strength. Which is okay because she has the button on her handle to release her tight grip on things.  It's like the people at Dyson knew me...they got it.  They knew one day a person like me was going to try to suck everything up and they would need a way to release her powerful grip from something that was not made to be manhandled by the likes of D.  So, this gross, tedious job became a wonderful dance of swipe across the blinds and release, swipe across again and release....Gangnam style! high fashion people from the Gangnam district were hurt cleaning these blinds.

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