Saturday, July 7, 2012

Like riding a bike

Let me start by saying, that I have not painted my nails since I was a teenager. But they say it is like riding a bike, once you learn, you never forget. However this bike had 20 speeds and my first ride in a long time was uphill for a mile. You would think I just pick up some nail polish and just paint my nails. No,no, that was too simple, to easy. I chose to do a a gradient nail with two contrasting colors. 

What is a gradient nail?  It is a nail technique of taking two nail polishes and blending them into one on your nail. I was browsing Pinterest (Pinterest always gets me in trouble), and I saw this pin these cool looking nails:

Pretty, eh?  It looked I thought. Here is my interpretation :

Her tutorial is fabulous. (Click the picture of her nails to see her how-to video.)  It was what we call in the software world a user error.  I should have started out with a simple one coat of polish on the nail instead of this beautiful fancy nail. But she has me intrigued and I am off to buy more polish and try this technique again.  
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Friday, July 6, 2012

All recipe is Alright!

I have heard stories of people that can spend hours in the kitchen and be one with all things in the kitchen.  Legend has it that these people make delicious food with more than 5 ingredients.  There is even a whole channel on cable dedicated to these creatures.

I am not one of these people.  Here is my thoughts on cooking:  if it takes longer to cook it than it does to eat it, then I want no part of it.  It justs seems inefficient.  But a few years ago I discovered this thing called a crock pot.  Have you ever heard of it?  Well it is this gadget that sits on your counter and it slow cooks your meals while you do other things.  Now that is a gadget I can get behind.  It allows you to multitask.  Think about it. You can cook (which I hate) and scrapbook (which I love) all at once.

So I search the internet in search of great recipes.  In order to a recipe to get my seal of aproval, it must meet some basic criteria  such as:
       5 ingredients or less
       take less than 45 minutes to make
       makes little mess
       and the big one, must  be loved by my husband

Tough standards to meet but it is what it is.  I don't expect all recipes to meet all these criteria but at least two would be nice.  So I was surprised when I found this amazing recipe for slow cooker Barbeque.  It only has 5 ingredients, it has a prep time of 10 minutes, very little mess and yes, hubby LOVED it.  

I took someone's advice in the reviews and used Stubbs barbeque sauce. It was amazing.  We will definitely make this a keeper. Pulled barbeque sandwiches are delicious.  And because I did the prep work early in the morning, by the time a finished my work day and settled into evening home life, all I had to do was shred the meat and pour more sauce on the meat.

This all-recipe recipe was more than alright with my family.
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