Thursday, March 15, 2012

In the beginning

I am overcome with fear and I have no idea why. A part of me has this insatiable need to share with the world and another part of me wants to hide in my closet. I have heard it said that fear and excited are different sides of the same coin. (correct me if I have this saying wrong...I have a tendency to get normal everyday American sayings mixed up...and I was born here....geez!) But my hope is that I got this one right. That fear and excitement feel the same way and only I can decide which I am feeling. So I choose excitement.

I am a SAHMTWFH. It looks confusing doesn't it? I just had a great idea. I am going to start using that at the end of my name. Some people have PHD, MD, PA, NHJP, LMNOP (just kidding on the last one). I will be Rozette Reyes Peckham SAHMTWFH. I know, I know you are thinking what the heck? Stay At Home Mom That Works From Home. Sure I am home all day. But I sit in front of a computer and answer calls all day.

Some people think, "Oh that must be so nice!" And when they say that, do you know what they are thinking? They are envisioning me at home reading magazines, sitting on Pinterest, going on long walks, cleaning my home all day long, when I am not scrapping....NOT.

You want to know what I am doing? I am sitting in a 10X10 room, in front of a computer screen and I am on the phone. I am on hold with insurance companies, talking to upset patients about their bill or reading medical records and coding them. I love my job! Seriously, I love my job. But it can get lonely.

So I am here. This is my water cooler and you guys are my coworkers. Nice to see you! Pin It